June 19, 2024


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The Best Vampire Costumes For Halloween

So you want to be a vampire for Halloween this year. Well, you are in luck because the vampire costume is such a perennial favorite, there are countless options out there to choose from. Ever since Bela Legosi lit up the silver screen as Dracula, vampires have been a favorite subject of movies, books, and TV shows. You should have no problem finding a style of vampire that suits your taste.

Of course, the hot vampire costume this year will be in the style of “Twilight”. This version of the contemporary vampire is relatively simple to create from clothes you probably have at home. Look for a black or deep dark colored outfit to wear. A nice black dress or suit with black shirt will do nicely. You will need to “pale up” your skin with powder or makeup, and add some body glitter to your face and hands. (Twilight vampires sparkle in the sunlight instead of burning like a traditional vampire. All you need to complete this costume is a nice pair of subtle fangs. There are temporary canine caps that suit this costume better than the cheap plastic choppers that you find at most retail stores. For added affect, you can add a small amount of fake blood to the corner of your mouth. If you really want to put a fright into your fellow trick-or-treaters, a pair of colored contact lenses (red or pale blue are the most common) will be sure to strike fear in everyone you meet.

The most famous vampire, Dracula, is instantly recognizable in any crowd. Bela Legosi set the standard, and adults and kids alike have been dressing like him ever since. The basic components of this costume are a black cape with stand-up collar, white shirt, vest and tie, medallion, black wig (if necessary), and of course those fangs. A little white makeup to give you that “undead” look will top it off. This costume is much easier to buy ready-made instead of trying to piece something together from home. Any costume store or retailer that sells costumes should have a Dracula costume, but they are often incomplete and very cheaply made. For the best selection, I suggest going on-line and checking out the many e-stores. You will find a great selection for every taste and body type, and it will save you a lot of hassle running around town trying to find exactly what you want. Some of these sites even have consumer reviews of their costumes, and can be quite helpful in selecting the right one for you.

Another vampire that is more practical to buy rather than make is the class Nosferatu version. With his bald head, pointy ears and teeth, claw-like hands, and crazy eyes, Nosferatu is probably the most horrifying vampire of all time. If you have never seen the original 1922 film, you should defiantly check it out. It is one of the scariest vampire movies ever made. I’m always surprised how many people don’t know of this vampire, but if you dress as him, I guarantee a chill will run down the spine of everyone who sees you.

For the ladies, there are many versions of the vampiress. Because seduction is the game of the vampiress, you will often see some rather skimpy, sexy costumes for sale. Whatever your modesty level or body shape, you will be able to find a costume that suits you. Typically, this costume consists of a black or deep blood-red dress with a low cut top. Fish net stocking and high heels held add an aura of seduction. A pair of fangs is, of course, a requirement. If you would rather be a Goth vampiress, the costume is the same, but defiantly all in black. Add some black lipstick, eye shadow, wig (if necessary), and fingernail polish, and you’ll be ready for the night.

Whichever version you choose, remember to have fun and turn on that irresistible “vampire charm” you’ve been keeping from the world.