June 19, 2024


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Get Your Ideal Santa Claus Costume This Christmas

Maybe you were the delightful character that the whole team at work or that Christmas party they deemed to play Santa. While you need to bring on the ho ho ho and the Merry Christmas, you need to deck yourself out to look like Kris Kringle. We know exactly how. Here are a few things that you will need when you play this jolly old spirited guy as you learn what you need for your Santa Claus costume.

The first thing that every Santa has to have is the huge belly. Many Santas just stuff it with a pillow or something of the nature. Some buy the fake bellies that you can buy. However, some men can just fill it with their own natural gut. Hey, whatever works for you.

The next thing that every Santa Claus has is the big belly. Now, some malls have gotten away with the skinny looking Santa. But come one. Unless Santa went on the Atkins diet, Santa is made to be plump. There are some inserts that you can get that will help with this that if you rent the costume it should come with. If not, just use a pillow. It works the same.

The red suit is something that Santa has to have as well. No Santa can go without that. That is for sure. It is pretty heavy as it gets cold in the North Pole so make sure your Santa self stays hydrated. Drink lots of milk. Now, jolly old Saint Nick needs one last thing. These are the black boots. This is supposed to make it easier to stand on your feet. Since he is from the North Pole, they insulate the feet, and they polish up rather nicely as well.

As you can see, it does not take much to become the man that everyone loves. Many places have where you can rent the costume. Just make sure you have all it takes to be the guy that brings a great theme to Christmas.