July 21, 2024


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Why Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

What does a woman look for in a friendship? Companionship, good memories and a relationship that can last a lifetime. A diamond is just that. The saying, ‘a diamond is a girl’s best friend’ was coined as a marketing idea back in the 60s, but even today there is a lot of truth to it. Diamond jewellery is a timeless favourite with women.
Back in the day, a diamond was the symbol of love; when a man offered up a diamond to his woman who he deemed his soul mate, he offered so as a token of his eternal love and asked her to marry him.
While it became a status in society, the diamond was truly the woman’s best friend in a time when they were not allowed to own property. As a safeguard asset of value, they had their jewellery. It was personal property that was distinguished from real property owned by men, and could be liquidated easily to fetch money for various domestic and financial problems. The diamond, being the hardest rock, was certain to last a lifetime and also get passed down as an heirloom within the family. The strength of a diamond simply makes diamond jewellery even more precious.
Today, women buy their own diamonds, and they treasure them. Pendants, earrings, bracelets and even watches studded with diamonds find an appeal, because of the stone’s natural cuts that make it glimmer in the light, adding a subtle richness to any outfit. Diamond jewellery can go from day to night with a breezy ease that only a woman call pull off. A pair of diamond studs or a simple gold chain with a diamond pendant not only becomes staple piece of work wear jewellery, but also a good investment and a personal asset.
Diamond jewellery is her celebration, when she gets a promotion, or when she simply wants to treat herself. Contemporary designs in gold, silver or platinum, she can pick and choose. Diamond is the only stone that will look beautiful on any metal. They celebrate with her on every special day of her life, especially her wedding.
At Krishna Pearls, there is a beautiful contemporary collection of Polki jewellery that traditionally uses diamonds on a gold base. This has been a favourite with brides for centuries in India. No wedding look is complete without the presence of diamonds in all their positive radiance and light. Diamonds create memories and these memories stay with a woman throughout her entire life. They become stories to share with their children as she passes on the heirloom jewellery to them.
Along with the strong financial reasons that make diamond jewellery a woman’s best friend, it is also the romantic appeal that comes along with it. Diamonds have the power to create more romance between partners and create a harmony and peace between them. Astrologically too, diamonds are the most powerful. They symbolise victory and power, and when worn, not only give the effect of power but can attract it in all aspects of life.
Diamond jewellery looks beautiful on every woman who wears it, whether intricate and fine or statement jewellery. They make her look more glamorous within seconds, always a silent supporter whenever she needs them. When she wants cheering up, buying diamond jewellery can do the trick, without the guilt of expenditure because of its value in investment. We at Krishna Pearls and Jewellers definitely agree that diamond jewellery is unmatched in splendour and an eternal treasure for every woman.