June 19, 2024


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What Are Necktie Alternatives?

You cannot discount the fact that neckties do more than just make your suit more formal. However, there will always be a time when you would want to stand out and show off your unique individuality. To do so on a particular day, you need to leave the house without your usual tie and try to wear something more daring. It’s time to give your favorite accessory-the necktie-a break. Be more dandy and trendy. Here are some necktie free options that you might want to consider on that particular day.

1. No Tie. This one is definitely an after office fashion statement. You can just take off your tie and wear your usual outfit as it is. If your office or workplace does not have a very strict dress code, you can definitely rock this style by going to the office in this flair.

Wear stiffer and more prominent collars to eliminate the need for a necktie. Neckties are not just decorative and handsome, it also serves to support your collar, thus making it look fuller. If you want to eliminate the tie, then wear shirts that have collars that can stay up for the rest of the day. Flat collars are lifeless.

Wear dressier pieces if you want to go tie-less. Not wearing any tie is very casual so you need something dressier to balance it out. For instance, instead of wearing a simple sport coat, wear an actual suit jacket worn separately to even out the balance. You can also thrown in a pocket square to create a gentlemanly touch and deride the look of an office schlub.

After all that, it’s up to you to give your outfit a more relaxed and tie-less appeal. You can opt for dark unwashed denims that are perfect substitutes for your usual office pants for a more laid back yet comfortable wardrobe choice.

2. Ascot. These are practically in the same category of neckties but needs more confidence and panache to be able to pull off. It has a sixties vogue in it and a pang of childishness which requires the proper outfit and enough confidence.

Ascots are just like neckties in some aspects. For instance, both are lengths of fabrics with tapered ends. Both are also stylishly tied around any outfit. A standard ascot is tied like the usual four in hand for the necktie except that the knot is not too tight which gives the ascot a more relaxed look and a little more space around the neck.

The thing about wearing an ascot is that it would require that you wear classic pieces to go with it. For instance, you need a navy or gray suit and a simple white shirt to match with your ascot. As long as you have the classic pieces in place, you do not have to worry about your ascot. You can wear them as loud as you want to.

3. Bowties. Tying a bow tie is a special skill that every man needs to learn. If you want to create your own fashion statement and rise up in your individuality, you need to learn how to properly tie it yourself. If you want to add more life to your outfit, you can wear bright or neon colored bowties. It adds more drama without overdoing it.