July 15, 2024


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Types of Wedding Dresses for Indian Grooms

During Indian weddings, brides get all the attention. They start hunting for their wedding lehenga and jewelry months before the wedding day. And during the process, the bride-to-be gets all the support and advices from near & dear ones. Everybody gets busy with the shopping of bridal stuff and generally the groom is left alone. Does it happen to you as well? If yes, then the list of wedding outfits for men would be your savior in this difficult time. And if your answer to the previous question was no then also you can read the article to know about different options available for Indian grooms.

Traditional Sherwani

Sherwani is generally the first choice of every Indian groom. And if you are planning to wear a sherwani on the D-Day then it is certainly a good decision. Sherwani is actually a traditional outfit but can be modified for Indo-western look. The dress consists of an overcoat and a pajama/dhoti at the bottom. The overcoat is heavily embroidered and embellished that makes it suitable for festive occasions. Cream, maroon and red are the most common colors in Sherwani and the choice varies from person to person.

NOTE: Brides & Grooms can coordinate the colors of their wedding dresses for a perfect look at the wedding day.

Kurta Pajama

Sherwanis are generally heavy and for many grooms it may not be feasible to carry a sherwani. In such instances, they can always consider the option of wearing a kurta pajama. Kurta pajama is again a traditional outfit and makes a perfect choice for the wedding day. Wedding kurtas for men are available in different styles and patterns and grooms can get one designed according to their taste and body type. In the category of kurta pajama, plenty of variations are available at both offline and online stores and you need to look at all the options carefully before finalizing the wedding outfit.

Suits & Tuxedos

Apart from Pakistani wedding dresses and other traditional outfits, grooms have the option of wearing western suits and tuxedos on the big day. To look best in a tuxedo, you need to ensure that it fits well. An ill-fitted suit will simply ruin your entire look. So, buy a suit for the wedding only if you can manage to find a skilled tailor.

All the categories mentioned above have multiple variations and we can say that there is no dearth of options for wedding dresses for men. Start searching for the perfect outfit before it gets late.