July 21, 2024


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Top construction stores in Norway for furniture!

Oak Table — Ekte - Handcrafted furniture from the North of Norway -  Møbelsnekker i Tromsø

Are you interested in renovating your home and upgrading it to achieve a new and better look? Then this article is just what you need to learn about the best construction stores for building furniture in Norway. Sometimes, one wants to do something different and try making hardware at home; rather than buying it straight from furniture stores. Doing this provides an opportunity to be creative with ideas for adding a touch of personalization to one’s home appliances.

You can also visit this site if you are interested in buying a house in Norway. However, most people search for DIYs when something small needs to be fixed, and getting services from a carpenter is not economical. Here are the top construction stores in Norway to make your errands easier:

  • Hegdehaugens Jernvarehandel 

Established in 1916, this construction store has aimed to provide all sorts of building materials to the people, from camping equipment to kitchenware and other household goods. This famous store has retained the majority of the customers which other stores lost due to a lack of supplies available. It was thus correctly described as the store with “almost everything.” Many locals modify and build tables in Norway by utilizing the products from this store or get cheaper deals from others.  

  • Jernia

This store is well-known among the Norwegian people who rely on it for purchasing all they need for their houses and hardware. The owners started this venture back in 1951 and have distributed various items to the shoppers, such as; paint, tools, hardware, interior goods, and kitchen utensils. They have over 30 outlets and are focused on maximizing the convenience of their customers. Therefore, the managers and owners have expanded to online services and also provide home delivery.

  • Clas Ohlson 

This home improvement chain will cater to all your needs in home improvement matters. It deals in all kinds of equipment that you can require while setting up your sofas and tables. This store offers a visceral shopping experience and does not disappoint anyone who comes in looking for sawing tolls or interior decorations. Online store reviews in Norway show that all purchasers are delighted with the quality and value of its products. 

  • Bricon tools

Another popular hardware store worth mentioning is Bricon tools. If you are searching for construction materials for furniture or other interior fixes, then this store will help you out. With online services and delivery available, it is a great shop to visit and browse for exciting options for your house. 


Making furniture at home is an engaging activity to do with kids and master the art of improvising home-designed appliances. It is a simple yet effective solution to broken wood pieces of sofas, beds, tables, or cabinets. Constructing goods at home is a new trend in the market, and people take pride in crafting them by hand with utmost care and customized patterns, which are not available at affordable prices in fancy furniture stores. Norway is home to numerous such options, and you will not be disappointed with the number of innovative additions that can give your furniture an exquisite look.