June 24, 2024


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Renaissance and Tudor Festivals

Renaissance festivals, Medieval fairs, Tudor theme days. Whatever you call them, they are an increasingly popular event seen up and down the land in the spring and summer months.

My new found passion for authentic Tudor costume led me to the discovery of the exciting and colorful world of renaissance fairs, as they are most commonly known. I am amazed and the number and variety of events held around the country, and set about finding out a little more about what happens at such events.

In seems that in the majority of renaissance festivals, a heady combination of history, improvisation, drama and even a little alcohol aided merriment are the order of the day. In addition, you will most likely get to experience a number of shortened versions of Shakespeare’s plays being performed, and when not performing, the actors will wander around, always in character of course.

Food and drink are usually in bountiful supply and there will be no shortage of traders selling everything from authentic Tudor costume to medieval weapons and artwork. If you are really lucky, your event will include are jousting session in an arena, which is a spectacle you simply must not miss.

Now there is one thing in particular that makes Renaissance festivals stand out from from other forms of outdoors entertainment; the dressing up in authentic Tudor costumes is not confined to the staff!

One way of making the most out of your experience is to attend the festival in costume, and attempt to stay in character for as long as possible. This can be such a rewarding experience that many attendees will buy a pass allowing them to attend every day of the festival, so they can stay in character for the duration!

If you fancy going to one of these highly entertaining festivals in full 16th Century costume, do not worry if your costume making skills are a little rusty. A quick search online will yield plenty of supplies of authentic Tudor costume at reasonable prices.