July 21, 2024


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Religious Halloween Crafts – Ideas For A Memorable Halloween!

There are many religious people who do not believe in celebrating Halloween as they feel that the holiday condones Satanic worship. There are, however, some religious people who do not mind participating in Halloween, and for such people, there are a number of different religious crafts that they can try their hand in during Halloween. These crafts will spread God’s word as well as be enjoyable to make. A number of religious crafts will allow you to celebrate Halloween as well as remain within the limits of your beliefs and convictions.

Doling candy sticks is one great religious crafts to make on Halloween and can be used for trick or treat activities. You need to buy card stock paper from your department store and cut out shapes of candy corn. Colour the tips white, the middle yellow and the bottoms orange. Use markers or crayons according to your preference.

At the bottom most part of the corn, you can write these phrases: You picked a treat from the bowl, here’s a treat for the soul. At the back of the candy, write down different verses from the bible. Punch a hole on top of the corn and use a string to tie it to the different treats. These kinds of Halloween crafts can involve the entire family and spending time making these are great ways of starting the holiday.

Another cute religious craft that is also easy to create involve kids. First, you need to take a round lollipop like Tootsie Pop. For each lollipop, take a 4′ square of burlap, 2′ round green felt, a rubber band, black and orange yarn and glue. Wrap the lollopop with the burlap and secure at the bottom using the rubber band. This forms the neck. Make the hat by gluing the green felt at the top. Draw a smiling mouth, the nose and the eyes and your very own scarecrow is ready.

After this, take strips of paper with bible verses written on them such as the Psalm 118:6 – I will not be afraid; The Lord is beside me or Psalm 32:7 – You protect me from trouble; You are my hiding place. Attach these papers to the scarecrow by punching a hole through them and pulling yarn.

The best thing about religious Halloween crafts is that these are great ways of having some fun as well as spreading God’s word. You can always rely on your imagination to come up with your own crafts. There are a number of ways of participating in Halloween without offending your religious sentiments.