July 23, 2024


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Lyle and Scott is a Clothing Brand With a Glorious Heritage and a Promising Future

Do you want to make heads turn on the golf course? How would you like to look fashionably chic under the summer heat or on a cold winter day? Lyle and Scott is the answer. This clothing line has everything that you need from sweaters to jackets, shirts to polos.

Sneak from the Past

Lyle and Scott had its humble beginnings in Hawick, Scotland some 135 years ago. Founded by William Lyle and Walter Scott, this clothing line has become an inspiration for many. With just an initial capital of 1,300, it grew to become one of the leaders in the apparel industry.

During that time, golfers have had to battle with the winter cold while playing. The company saw this as an opportunity. They came up with knitted sweaters for the golfers who wanted to take off with their sport, even during colder days. Surprisingly, it was only in 1981 that the company was able to launch its first ladies golf range collection.

The company has worked with the best designers. In 1954, it launched its cashmere collection in collaboration with Christian Dior. It earned them the respect of many in the industry. Henceforth, the fad continues and as they often say, the rest is history.

The Birth of The Golden Eagle

Branding is very important, especially in running an apparel business. One must always create the element of recall, for the product to be remembered and associated with. Thus, in 1960, The Golden Eagle was born. To better promote this drive, Lyle and Scott intensified its marketing efforts by sponsoring major golfing events such as the Ryder Cup in 1969.

All of Lyle and Scott’s products bear The Golden Eagle logo. It became synonymous to quality, comfort and fashion.

The 20th Century – An Era of Change

For almost more than a century, the company has had to struggle with sustaining the brand and its market. It has to keep up with the changing needs of society. A change was needed. Thus, in 2001, the brand image has been updated and it marked the beginning of a new era. It was followed by the launch of its vintage collection and the opening of a flagship store right in the heart of Covent, England, where it was conceived as a major clothing brand. To furthen widen its target market and intensify its customer service, Lyle and Scott launched its first on-line shop in 2009.

Your Fashion of Choice

Why do you think many people choose this brand? For one, it gives you the comfort only they can offer. Wearing them can make you look casual yet sporty. Theirs is made from only the best materials giving you the maximum quality you deserve. Whats more, the choices are endless!

More importantly, being dressed up in a Lyle and Scott outfit, can give you a sense of pride. The brand is a history in itself and wearing it makes you a part of that dream the owners first conceived more than a century ago.