July 21, 2024


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Introduction to Indian Apparel Industry

The garment and apparel industry involves advertising, designing and selling of fashionable clothes. Each outfit fabricated has a specific theme, purpose and target market of its own. For classifying the upcoming trends, apparel world connects with the designers and marketers who keeps track of all the essential requirement of consumers. The art and work related with the designers is not only restricted with the designing of clothes but also broadens to fashion accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry and many more. The interest in fashion apparel is on endless rise, accordingly the concerned opportunities and competition are there. As the apparel industry is growing more and more, there is an increasing need for much specialized and educated staff in the apparel world.

Major drives of Apparel world:

The two main driving factors affecting garment apparel world are end user tastes and relative manufacturing costs. Apart from this, an apparel organization depends upon its operational efficiency and its ability to catch deals with more clothing marketers comprising clothing wholesale and retail sector.

How does Apparel Industry works?

For effective functioning, Apparel industry requires versatile skills as well as equipments. Usually most of garment manufacturers specialize in fabricating 1 or 2 forms of outfits. Also, the Integrated manufacturers scheme and make garments in their own manufacturing plants and market their own clothing brands. Apparel manufacturing is one of the most sought after businesses today. With new fabrics, designers, technology coming up in the market, there is tremendous scope of further growth and advancements in the Apparel Industry.