June 19, 2024


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How to Wear Beautiful Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater cultured pearls have become the way to go when it comes to wearing pearl jewelry. It is always nice to have wonderful and beautiful natural pearls that you can wear to special occasions like weddings and glamorous parties. Some women mistake the fact that pearls are just for that – special occasions. The thing is, they can be also be used and incorporated into daily wear. Thanks to freshwater pearls, wearing pearls can now become an everyday thing. Here is a little guide on how you can wear pearls daily.

1. Wear it Classy

Pearl primarily speaks of classiness. It can give any outfit a touch of classic elegance. For your office wear, you can use a simple pearl strand giving your outfit a polished look. You can even wear a simple sweater and slacks and add a pearl necklace as a highlight.

Instead of wearing lots gold or silver jewelry that can is sometimes not age-appropriate, why not keep it simple and wear a pair of pearl earrings. There are lots of sizes when it comes to freshwater pearl jewelry. Huge ones can frame your face and small ones can make wearing pearls younger and more contemporary. Long drop pearl earrings can add luster to your face and gives it another twist.

For dressier events like a formal first date, why not wear a lovely pearl bracelet paired with button earrings? Pearl bracelets that have gold straps that can be very appealing or you can tie it together with a white ribbon. It can be as thick as you want or you can go for a single strand. Whatever you wear for the day, pearls can give you that little bit of class.

2. Wear it Casual

Freshwater pearls are fast becoming the younger woman favorite accessory. It may be because of their flexibility as jewelry and their being inexpensive. Shopping for pearls has never been the way it was. You can now easily find pearl jewelry in most trendy stores.

Pearls have also become a casual fashion statement. Wearing it in long strands in varying lengths is a common sight among younger women as well as teenage girls. Long pearl necklaces can be worn over jeans and shirts and in day dresses. It gives the outfit freshness and a unique quality. Funky pieces of pearl earrings and rings have also become a signature fashion piece. Some designers love to use irregularly shaped pearls for their chandelier earrings. Smooth large stones are also used as pendants. Adding nacre inlay work to their pieces gives it an edgy contemporary look.

3. Wear it as a statement

Pearls have become a type of statement jewelry and designers have included pearls not only in jewelry but also in clothing. They are often incorporated with other materials such as bits of mother-of-pearl shell, semi-precious gems or crystals beads and carefully sewn into dresses and corsets.

Outfits like this are more costume-like than everyday wear but the pearls make them one-of-a-kind pieces. Often, evening and wedding gowns have careful pearl beading in them, some of which can fetch thousands of dollars in prices.