June 24, 2024


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How to Make Your Own Wedding Rings — Anna Fine Jewellery

How to Make Your Own Wedding Rings — Anna Fine Jewellery

So realistically, what’s is possible for two persons without several years of jewellery producing expertise to reach in a solitary working day?

When I’m commissioned to make a pair of basic (well I say simple, but I in fact mean seriously textured like the rest of my jewelry) wedding ceremony rings, I would commonly block off close to 3-4 hrs. If it is a formed marriage ceremony ring, I might insert yet another 30 minutes to an hour to this. 

I have been doing this for much as well a lot of decades to remember now, so for anyone who hasn’t created a ring right before, I would normally double that time. Your rings do not have to be textured like mine are, you can place a mirror polish on them if you want to, but if you are seeking to incorporate a whole lot of extra detail or established stones, then that is a little something that can take many years of building issues to study how to do! 

If you do want further depth on your rings however, it does not suggest that you can have a hand in generating them, as you can still shell out a working day building the primary band components, before handing them above to me to increase on the further bits and set any stones afterwards. If this is the scenario, you’d just fork out for a regular wedding ring workshop working day, and I would give you a quotation for the added do the job. This is all sorted out right before your workshop day, so that we have the most time possible for creating.