July 21, 2024


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Hilarious Baby Shower Game Ideas to Get Your Guests Laughing

This is one of the most hilarious baby shower game ideas you will ever play. It does not matter if the guests at the baby shower are even mothers, this game will be a lot fun for everyone.

What you will need:

– 1 baby doll (This can be purchased at any toy store.)

– 1 piece of rope or string about 5 feet long (You can get this at any craft or hardware store)

– 1 small clothing basket (You just need a very small one. If you can’t find one small enough, try using a fruit basket or something similar.)

– 10 outfits of baby clothing (Use brand new ones and give them to the Mom-to be after the game is done.)

-1 package of clothing pins (These can be purchased anywhere.)

-An home telephone that works

-A cellular phone

-A timer (A kitchen timer works just fine for this game.)

-A gift for the winner

This is how you play:

For playing what I believe to be one of the most engaging baby shower game ideas ever, each guest gets an opportunity to be the multi-tasking mommy. Two other guests will hold the string between them like a clothesline. The hostess or another person will hand the multi-tasking mommy the baby doll, the clothing basket, and the clothing pins.

The victim, I mean player, will also be given the telephone, and someone will call them from the cell phone and try to have a conversation with them.

The person on the phone will try asking them certain questions to make them pay attention, such as, “What was your husband’s name again?” or “What was the name of your very first pet?”

The mommy will have three minutes to hold the baby, while speaking on the telephone and hanging up the baby clothes. When the timer goes off, she stops. Someone will write down the number of clothing articles she was able to hang up. If someone drops the baby, they automatically lose.

Each guest is given a chance to be the multi-tasking mommy, and whoever gets the most pieces of clothing on the clothesline, and does the best job having a conversation and holding the baby wins the prize.

This is one of the best baby shower game ideas out there. It is difficult quite difficult to multi-task, and your guest will be holding their tummies with laughter pain! A great option for this baby shower game idea is to videotape the game, and you can look back and enjoy this for many years.

The clothing that is used in one of the most multi-tasking baby shower game ideas ever can be purchased as brand new baby clothing. You can then give the clothes to the real Mom-to be after the game is finished. She will appreciate the extra clothes, and be happy that her shower was such a hit.

These types of baby shower game ideas are also a great option if you’re having a co-ed party. Instead of making the women be the multi-taskers, you can make the men play daddy. This will give single couples some idea of what it will be like to be parents, and will keep the guests laughing. You may, however, scare the Mom-to be just a little bit.