June 24, 2024


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Grandparents Day Party Games – Fun For Young and Old

Having a grandparents day party, games and all, is a wonderful way for young classmates to introduce their grandparents to their friends and share a bit of their lives. Below are a couple of Grandparents day party games that the older and younger generation can enjoy together:

“Newspaper costume parade” Grandparents day party game

Each child and their grandparent receive a newspaper, a pair of scissors and a roll of sticky tape. In 15 minutes, each team’s task is to create an outfit – consisting of 3 items eg hat/top/pants or hat/dress/over-shirt – for each member using only the newspaper, scissors and sticky tape. Afterwards, teams parade their creations and teachers can hand out a series of prizes for the neatest, messiest, or most creative outfit.

“He who laughs last” Grandparents day party game

This game is hilarious to watch, and even more fun to play. It’s a real challenge, especially for people who can’t keep a straight face. Players have to sit in a circle (on chairs if necessary), facing each other. The player who starts says “ha!”, the next player in the circle says “ha ha!”, the third player says “ha ha ha!” and so on around the circle. As soon as someone says the wrong number of “ha”s, or starts laughing, they have to leave the circle. Once a player leaves the circle, they have to try and make the rest of the players laugh or make a mistake. The person who makes a mistake or laughs last is the winner.