June 19, 2024


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Girls Fancy Dress – 3 Cute Examples of Halloween Costumes For Girls

Girls fancy dress costumes at Halloween have got to strike a balance between being scary and cute, which is easier said than done. There are some cool examples of Halloween costumes for girls on the market, but too many of them are either overly cute or overly scary.

Help is at hand when trying to find your daughter that perfect costumes, as there are now websites online that actually specialise in girls fancy dress outfits, including the all important Halloween costumes for girls.

Below, I have picked out three scary but cute examples of Halloween costumes for girls, which I believe get the balance just about right.

Idea One: Girls Witch Costume

Unlike the adult equivalent, most girls witch outfits are not all black affairs and surprisingly actually come in a whole range of colours, including pink. However, I believe the candy witch style costume, with a mix of black, orange and purple colours, is the way to go for that perfect Trick or Treating outfit. A black and purple pointed hat will usually come as standard for these types of girls fancy dress costumes, but there are plenty of other accessories that your daughter can wear with her outfit, including the all important broomstick.

Idea Two: Girls Vampire Costume

There are a number of girls vampire outfits that can be both a little bit scary and incredibly elegant all at the same time. Again these Halloween costumes for girls tend not to be all black affairs and instead can come in a range of deep colours, such as dark green, burgandy and even brown. They are usually based around a gothic looking dress and often come complete with a matching hat. If your daughter feels her outfit is a little too cute looking, then some face paints and fake blood kits are the answer here, to give the costume a little bit more of a sinister look to it.

Idea Three: Girls Pumpkin Costume

My personal favourite has got to be the girls pumpkin outfit, which I believe is the very embodiment of cute but scary. At Halloween, pumpkins are transformed from these cute looking orange vegetables, into a personification of the festival itself. Your daughter is bound to look cute wearing one of these outfits, which are usually based around an orange jumpsuit with a cut-out pumpkin face on the torso and a stalk for a hat. However, as the witching hour approaches and she is caught in the right light, that cute looking orange outfit may just well take on a whole new persona.