June 24, 2024


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Five Magnificent Roman Fancy Dress Ideas

The Roman Empire symbolized so much power, style and magnificence, from their emperor’s to the gladiators in the coliseum. If you plan to wear roman fancy dress you’ll bring a touch of class to whichever fancy dress party you’re planning on going to.

The great thing about roman costumes is that many of them are relatively easy to make, or if you prefer they are cheap to buy or hire too. Here are some excellent ideas that should get you going:

1. Julius Caesar
Of course the very first Roman fancy dress idea that leaps to mind is to become an emperor of Rome, and who was the greatest and most famed emperor of all time? Julius Caesar. To bring this magnificent character back to life you need a decent toga-style Roman robe or chiffon, all white but because he is an emperor, gold lining would be ideal.

Find a regal red drape to go across the middle of your torso, some sandals and of course the gold laurel headpiece that identifies the emperor. Also, under the robe you might like to carry a sword and scabbard in case of assassins at the party. And practice your lines: “I came, I saw, I partied!”

2. Roman Gladiator
This has to be one of the coolest Roman fancy dress costumes you could ever dress up in. A gladiator costume – become one of the toughest and most hardened warriors in the Empire. The best gladiator costume style to go with is that of Russell Crow in the movie Gladiator: with a leather-greave breastplate hung over white under-robes. Plus a leather belt, sandals with leather leg ties, and leather greaves to protect your forearms.

This look with a dangerous looking plastic short sword will be enough, but if you really want to top it off, make or buy a gladiator helmet too – you will terrify everyone at the party.

3. Centurion
The roman centurions cut such a classic and recognizable figure that everyone can instantly recognize them. To make this one work you need the full centurion helmet with red feathers, the leather or steel-style breastplate with pleats. Plus a large rectangular centurion shield and short sword. And of course sandals.

4. Roman Goddess Costume
There’s no reason why only guys should have all the fun with Roman fancy dress! Ladies can dress up as a Roman empress or even better a Roman goddess. A slinky toga-style dress with gold lining and plenty of gold accessories and jewelry will create the image well. To top it off add some gold pleating to the hair and gold buckled sandals.

5. Roman General
The image of toughness and intelligent strategy – the Roman general cuts an imposing figure. With a red rob sweeping back over his leather breastplate with the emblem of his rank on it. And a sword at his side and a general’s wreath sitting on his head, a great costume to set up for any party.