July 24, 2024


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Five Benefits of Buying a Designer Clutch Bag

If you are aware about designer bags, you would know about the clutch handbag. A clutch is one of the must-have designer bags. Every woman needs it sometime or the other and picking out the perfect clutch is almost as much fun as using one. Small, compact and gorgeous, there is no reason you should not fall in love with a designer clutch. Here are our top five reasons that make the designer clutch bag the greatest fashion accessory for you.

1. The perfect party accessory

You are wearing a beautiful, fitted, short dress for the gala of the year. Your make-up is perfect, and you are ready to leave. But you can’t really go anywhere without your cell-phone – it is your life! Also how can a girl leave home without a bit of lip-balm and the house keys? Your normal day-bag is huge, and would look silly with your outfit. Enter the designer clutch – it helps you carry your essentials, and adds to the glamour.

2. Small is beautiful

Clutches come in varied sizes, but they are smaller than most other designer bags. This means that you do not have to feel like you are lugging around a giant briefcase. Its size is so convenient that after a while you forget you are carrying it at all – it becomes a part of you as your earrings or bracelet. The clutch comes in beautiful colors which will match you outfit. It is sure to draw positive comments about you fine taste in luxury handbags.

3. Prevents you from carrying unessential items

All women have this habit – of carrying unnecessary things. Don’t believe us? Check your handbag now – of the things women carry at all times, more than half are never used. The clutch keeps you to your bare essentials – minimising the carrying of stuff that isn’t strictly necessary.

4. Adds convenience in everyday life

Some women keep a clutch inside their day-bag, with just the bare essentials in it – a bit of cash, a credit card, and a lip balm. Then when they need to step out of the office for a quick bite or to run an errand, they don’t need to lug around their huge day-bag – they can just take out the clutch and go.

5. Flexibility

Clutches often come with wristlets or a strap, which allows you to carry them in a different fashion, strung over your shoulders or worn around your wrist. This adds variety to your outfit.