July 24, 2024


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Eco-Friendly Clothing – Can Fashion Be Eco-Friendly?

We all want to be environmentally responsible now and move toward an eco-friendly lifestyle and most of us are willing to compromise to do so. However, there are many areas of our lives where compromise between ecology, comfort and pleasure, just doesn’t work.

One of these areas is fashion. We are all aware of both ethical and environmental concerns in the products that we but yet, many of us know that it is very difficult to feel confident if we don’t feel great in our clothes.

Eco-friendly clothes have been around since the sixties and many of us are put off by the notion of tie-died hemp shirts and other hippyesque eco-friendly clothing.

However, eco-friendly fabrics have moved a long way from hemp and grass skirts. On of the most surprising new eco-friendly fabrics is made from one of the most unlikely of materials – bamboo.

Whilst incredibly woody and strong material (bamboo is widely used for scaffolding in the far-east) it is also extremely versatile and makes the ideal fabric.

Bamboo clothing is also incredibly comfortable and looks and feels just like cotton. However, while cotton is farmed and grows only in certain areas, it is a limited resource. Bamboo though, grows anywhere.

Bamboo, is in actuality a grass and is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet (it grows several inches a day) so is highly sustainable. Furthermore it has some remarkable qualities. It is thermosensitive meaning it can store heat in cold temperatures whilst allows air to breathe through it, keeping you cool in the summer.

This make sit ideal for sports clothing and bamboo active wear is highly comfortable, stylish and perfect for most sporting activities.

It can also be used for almost any type of casual wear with bamboo clothing for men just as common as bamboo clothing for women.