July 21, 2024


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Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Skinny People

The great thing about being a skinny person is that most costumes will look great on you. Most costumes look best on thin people, especially tall and thin, but sometimes it can be a pain finding the right costume, or something that’s not too generic.

So, you’re looking for a cool costume for a skinny person, and aren’t sure what to do, check out the suggestions before. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve included you both, so you won’t feel left out.

Ladies, why not consider a sexy costume? If you’re skinny, you probably have great legs, and you could show them off with some of the many sexy costumes available. However, a lot of them are pretty cliché, school girls, french maids, that sort of thing. Why not look into a can can dancer costume? They’re uncommon, which makes them interesting, but they come in gorgeous colours, so you still get selection. Since you’re thin, you should get a petticoat to go under the dress, to make it fluff out. Do keep in mind that someone’s going to be smart, and suggest you do the can can for them. So, check our YouTube for a how to video, and wear a pair of shorts underneath so you don’t flash anyone.

Another, less sexy and revealing option is to go as Twiggy. If you’re not familiar with her, she was a popular model in the 1960s, known for being extremely thin. For this, look, use Google image search to dig up some photos. She’s known for a short haircut, almost boyishly short and combed to one side, and lots of eyelashes. So, once you’ve taken a look at her photos, hit up your local second hand store, and comb through their vintage fashions until you find something you like. Pair it with go go boots, or heels, fake lashes, and style your hair, or wear a short wig. Now you have a costume that won’t be like everyone else’s.

For skinny men, you could always go as Luigi, the often forgotten half of the Mario brothers. Hit up your local second hand store and pick up a green turtleneck, overalls, white gloves, and a green trucker hat or baseball cap. Paint a white circle on your hat, with a green L in the center. Also, pick up a fake mustache, either in the Halloween section of a store, or go to the kid’s section and see if they have a fake one. The bushier and more outrageous, the better.

Another option, although not completely for skinny guys, is to go as a Twister game. Go buy a copy of Twister, and staple some ribbon or twine to the edges of the spinner board, so you can tie it on your head like a hat. Cut a hole in the game board so it will slip over your head like a poncho. Wear your normal clothes under the ensemble, or dress in all black. You can get a rise out of people if you’re at a party by suggesting the put right hand blue, or other twister positions, to see what they will do.