April 16, 2024


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Anne Klein Watches and Company History

Anne Klein began her company in 1968. Originally Anne Klein only sold clothes in matching pieces and bits to make it easier to put outfits together. She was able to offer women products that fit their needs and well before anyone was serving this market. It could be called an overnight success -in the least a smashing success as the result of Klein’s hard work, confidence, and brilliance. Anne saw herself rise to the top and was one of the world’s top designers when she died, unexpectedly, in 1974. The company has succeeded in her absence with labels such as Donna Karan, an assistant on Ann’s.

Of course clothing pieces was not enough when women wanted accessories, along with handbags, purses, hats and gloves came the Anne Klein watch line. Today there are actually two lines: Anne Klein and Anne Klein II. These watches come in hundreds of models and are almost all priced below $200. There are a few exceptions that include diamond faces and can be found in stores such as Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.

The range of price is exceeded by Anne Klein’s range of styles. Fittingly, there are Anne Klein watches to match any outfit and any style or trend. The one thing that seems to emanate from all Anne Klein watches; however; is an unassuming elegance. The are never pretentious and even the advanced and detailed models somehow maintain the pure simplicity captured by only the world’s finest designers.