April 21, 2024


Normal is boring

A Dutiful Highway Interrogator or a Reminiscent Mermaid, What Do You Choose?

If you have a fetish for role plays, don’t fear because you are not alone. Clothing is a wonder key that can transform a boring evening into a spiced up rehearsal for the night ahead. Here in this article we shall give you all the costume ideas to suit his and her roles.

Are you tired of seeing your girl in regular outfits? If your answer is yes, we offer you a change. For those who have young and hearty teen girl friends and for those who have a housewife, there are varieties of adult fancy dresses. Turn that simple innocent look of hers to that of a serious police officer. Or rather make her your fairy princess with the lovely garments and accessories.

When you need to kill the boredom, some freshness is needed now and then. So, change your day-to-day husband and wife roles into cops and robbers, doctors and patients, maid and waiter/waitress, pilot and air-hostess, and lots more. With these fancy dress costumes you may alleviate your mood and invigorate the lacklustre love life.

Adult fancy dress costumes are a ticket to mischief-filled naughty moments. Turn her into a highway interrogator or a sexy lady cop or howsoever your imaginations give way for. For a highway interrogator to be dressed well she will need a properly fit sexy police uniform and accessories such as service gun, whistle and hand cuffs. Luckily, large collections of such costumes are easily available to cover the entire role-play requirements. To turn her into a soft and obedient maid or waitress or a professional chef, you no longer need to consult a tailor. Forget all those hassle as there is no need to worry about tailoring them anymore. Instead look for costumes that are specifically designed to suit your kinky ideas.

Do you have a thing for divas? Beauty is accentuated in a fairy tale costume. Give her those extra wings and a magical wand; the entire moment will be magical. Or, you may also dress her up in a mermaid outfit and she will be an extraterrestrial beauty you would have never seen before.

Hold on, hold on… If you are getting angry on me for suggesting all the ideas only for her, hold your breath as I have ideas for you too. What can suit a man more than a leather outfit? Grow into a sheriff within a jiffy and tantalize her with your new vigour and smarty looks. Or even better, be her favourite cow-boy by wearing white shirt and brown pants with a perfectly fitted hat, a brown belt and knee-length shoes. All you need to do is explore the adult fancy dress costumes and you will end up asking yourself, why in this world I wasted time till now.