April 14, 2024


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3 Benefits of Buying Loose Diamonds From Online Retailers

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Loose Diamonds (With Insider Tips)

Before purchasing diamonds make sure to know the advantages and know the details about them. This way you can pick the best among the choices you will be offered. Plus consider buying diamonds online since there are benefits of buying loose diamonds online. Here are 3 benefits of buying loose diamonds from online retailers.

3 Benefits of Buying Loose Diamonds Online

Get Access to the World Diamond Market 

Shopping diamonds online can give you access directly to the diamond market. This means more choices and the site is updated so you can see the newest and freshest stock in the market. Diamonds are also checked by my gemologist so no need to worry about the authenticity of the diamonds online. 

You can get Loose Diamonds at its Wholesale Price 

Since you are now directly buying from the stores, they can give you wholesale prices. Wholesale prices are usually 50% lower compared to the prices in the retail store. Imagine buying your diamonds at a more affordable price! 

Get more Unique or Customized Loose Diamond

Since online diamond sellers cater to a wide variety of clients they are very open to customizing your loose diamonds or your jewelry as a whole. Getting unique and yet more affordable can be a good catch. 

Should You Buy a Diamond Online?

Buying from online diamond stores can be more convenient than visiting physical stores. Plus they can give you all the details necessary about the diamonds of your choice. The choices are also broader and you can choose in a short period since you are only doing online browsing compared to visiting online shops after another. 

Why Are Online Diamonds Cheaper?

There are several reasons why online diamonds are cheaper. Here are some of them:

Online Seller Mostly Buys Wholesale Diamonds 

Since the online sellers purchase directly from the source they can then pass it on to their customers at a more affordable price. Cutting the middleman makes the diamonds cheaper compared to when they are passed on to several middlemen before the customer. 

No Need to Pay the Lease 

Online stores don’t need to pay leases, which makes their operation expenses lesser which can equal being able to sell their diamonds at a cheaper price. Just like any other business, the operational expense of a business is added to the cost of the product.

No Need to Pay Wages of Staff

Apart from not paying lease, online diamond sellers also don’t need to pay wages for their staff since online diamond sellers can manage their own stores and they don’t need to hire too many people to make their business run. 

Lower Insurance Payments

Insurances are lower compared to diamond sellers having a physical store. Insurances can secure and protect both the buyer and the seller so this is a necessity in the diamond business. Online diamond sellers pay lesser insurance which means they can also charge lower insurance from their customers.  

What to Look for When Buying a Loose Diamond?

Before purchasing make a list of the factors to consider so you can get the best diamond. Here are the things you should consider when buying loose diamonds:

Check on the 4cs 

The 4cs of diamonds are color, clarity, carats, and cut. Make sure to know the basics of these 4cs so you can understand the explanation given in the online descriptions of the diamonds sold online. The quality of the diamond can be reflected in its 4cs. 


Make sure that online diamond sellers can show your certification of their diamonds to prove their authenticity. After having the diamonds evaluated by a legit laboratory such as the Gemological Institute of America, a certificate is given to show the properties of the diamonds. 

Set a Budget 

Setting a budget can make you choose faster since you will have a limit for your diamond plus you can focus on the diamond within your budget. 

Knowing the 3 benefits of buying loose diamonds from online retailers plus getting familiar with loose diamonds before buying one can serve as your guide on how to get the best among the diamonds sold online. So educate yourself about loose diamonds before you start online shopping for diamonds.