June 24, 2024


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Styling Different Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez have been worn by women in India for many centuries. They are considered one of the most comfortable and versatile Indian garments and come in many different cuts, colors and designs. The best part about this kind of variety and versatility is that not only are their many different types to choose from, but they can also be worn for different occasions depending on how they are styled. Wearing a salwar kameez is actually the simplest way to get the traditional yet stylish Indian look without compromising on the comfort factor. What is more, it has never been easier to purchase salwar kameez of all types. Women with a penchant for ethnic fashion can just buy salwar kameez online and have it delivered right to their doorstep. This trend of online shopping has really opened up the potential for a world-wide customer base for stylish ethnic garments.

However, as women buy salwar kameez online they should put some thought into how the outfit will be worn. Styling is crucial to getting the look right, especially with Indian garments. Here are a few tips for styling different salwar kameez designs:

Punjabi Suit

Punjabi suit designs have a very unique look inspired by the regional aesthetics of Punjab. Often, they come with intricate Phulkari embroidery and pretty floral printed patterns in bright and beautiful colors. The beauty of these distinctive Punjabi suit designs is further emphasized by the unique silhouette of this outfit. Consisting of a short, fitted kameez and baggy, pleated pants, the over-all look of this type of salwar kameez is quite vibrant and loud. It should be paired with traditional, funky jewelry from this region which will match the unique ethnic vibe of the Punjabi suit designs. Oxidized silver jhumkas (Indian earrings), silver pendants with Indian motifs, beaded necklaces, colorful glass bangles and metallic bracelets are all great jewelry options. Younger women often choose to pair up Punjabi suit designs with cotton, mirror work jholas or Indian sling bags and embroidered mojaris. This type of look is actually very Bollywood inspired. Though it is very trendy, it is only appropriate for casual wear Punjabi suit designs and would look quite odd with formal Punjabi suits.

Anarkali Salwar Suit

As women buy anarkali salwar suits online or at any shop, they should take the time to purchase some appropriate jewelry as well. This is because anarkali dresses are one of the most difficult outfits to style because of their unique look. The most common mistake when styling anarkali salwar suits is to over-accessorize with heavy, Indian jewelry. Rather, women should let the beauty of the elegant silhouette and intricate designs shine; a pair of statement earrings or a classy necklace would be the perfect way to style an anarkali salwar dress. In terms of footwear, high heels are absolutely essential.

Straight Cut Salwar Suit

A straight-cut salwar suit is the most versatile and can be styled with different types of jewelry, handbags and shoes. It would all depend on the fabrics and designs in the outfit and what occasion it is meant to be worn for.