April 16, 2024


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Oracle eCommerce Database – Improving the Way Your Business Is Run

Oracle eCommerce provides a complete solution for all eCommerce activities through its many modules. It supports different payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, checks, money orders, and electronic checks. For business to business transactions, Oracle Enterprise Database 11g is the right choice. This database offers comprehensive support for online marketing campaigns, data analysis, real time transactions processing, and multi-store distribution. In this article we discuss the Oracle eCommerce module:

Provides the ability to integrate multiple modules for maximum business scalability

Oracle e Commerce Business Suite provides the ability to integrate multiple modules for maximum business scalability. This product also improves customer loyalty by helping companies increase their profitability as well as reduce operating costs. Oracle eCommerce Platform, AI analyst, Wyz, successfully harnessed 7venth insights from experts and peers who utilized Oracle eCommerce Platform to aid you in determining how well it matches your ecommerce platform requirements.

Oracle Enterprise Support for e Commerce:

There are many solutions that can be directly provided by Oracle eCommerce Platform like Commerce Workflow, B2B Stickiness, E-Commerce Solution, SRM, etc. with full featured features like real-time data, back-office integration, multi-store support, and multi-pricing capability. These features provide complete and efficient solutions for your e commerce websites like e-commerce, shopping carts, payment gateway, full-fledged customer support, order management, catalog viewing, inventory management, and catalog renaming & editing. Some of these features are fully integrated into the platform such as Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Retail Management, and Oracle Enterprise Data Management.

Easy to complete various tasks in a stepwise manner

The Commerce Workflow is a feature of the platform, which makes it easy to complete various tasks in a stepwise manner. It also helps in speeding up your work-flow and gives you more time to concentrate on your core tasks. The other feature, B2B Stickiness, helps in managing real-time data from various business partner databases and application servers like Oracle Enterprise Database. This feature helps in integrating your e-business processes with the rest of the business processes. Some of the other useful features like BSC for inventory management, SRM for customer loyalty management, and BSC for supply chain management, are also available in the software.

Real-time inventory capabilities

The most useful feature of the software is its real-time inventory capabilities. It helps in implementing an automatic inventory tracking system for the supply and delivery of products. Another feature of this product is its b2b real-time inventory tool for managing the stock levels of different items in your store. This system has been designed keeping in view the challenges faced in managing large quantities of inventory. Oracle Enterprise Portal is known to have the best platform for managing and tracking complex applications, like real-time inventory systems. The e-commerce platform offers an integration platform for multi-currency and multi-product retailing systems.

Oracle eases the burden of your employees, who can now manage their daily tasks without getting any assistance from a human assistant. This reduces the stress involved in the management of human resources and hence makes your tasks more productive. The e-commerce software helps in maintaining records for customer loyalty programs, which enables you to track the customer satisfaction rate over a period of time. This helps you in planning and organizing future campaigns for gaining more profits. Oracle Enterprise Portal helps you in taking the advantages of the latest technologies like ERP, MRP, CRM, and BPM. This is why it is one of the most sought after online software.