April 21, 2024


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Get an Air Fryer to Enjoy Crispy & Less Oily Deep Fried Food

Are air fryers healthy?

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Do you eager to learn about guilt-free and healthy fried food? Use an air fryer to enjoy your favorite food (fish sticks, empanadas, chicken wings or French fries) containing lowest fat content. Basically, air fryer is convection oven that offers compact space to cook food quickly. A fan and heating mechanism is present on the top. Hot air flows in the basket to make the crispy and deep fry food. The compact air fryer is dishwasher safe, so use Amazon coupon code UAE to bring home this amazing fryer and give your family healthy and low fat foodstuff.

What can be cooked in Air Fryer?

If you have frozen food items that need deep fry to get crispy and tasty, use air fryer as it can fry mozzarella sticks, chicken wings and French fries. It is possible to use air fryer for making food items of starch. It can be used for baking as well.

Things to Avoid

If you have a liquid batter, do not put it in air fryer. If the batter is frozen, it can be baked in fryer. Moreover, it is perfect for small quantity food. You cannot use it for large quantity items. If you are motivated to cook healthy food for your guests, it is better to prepare items in batches.

Things to Judge while Choosing an Air Fryer

  • Space

Usually, an air fryer is quite big in size than a toaster. Before bringing home an air fryer, adjust some storage to keep this magnificent product.

  • Cost

You may find this wonderful product on high price; however the amazon coupon code uae gives you maximum relief and adjust the price within your financial plan.

  • Skills

Basically, there is no hard and fast rule for using an air fryer. You just need to plug and play this product. Keep the raw food in fryer basket; adjust the time, bam and temperature.

  • Texture & Taste

The outcome of an air fryer is similar to deep frying. As less oil is consumed, the food remains healthy. French fries that are prepared in this fryer have almost five grams fat. On the other hand, deep fried chips contain 17 grams fat per serving.

If you are puzzled how to adjust temperature or time for cooking food, it is satisfying that you are not bound to set exact temperature or time. Select any of the preset option with single touch and wait for fried and nutritious food.

The air fryer has circulation 360 degree technology to make the outer surface crispy and inner surface tender to enjoy the delicious food items till the last bite. Air fryer is slick and sleek device. For making chicken nuggets or fries, nothing is as perfect as an air fryer, so get the amazon coupon code uae and make your kitchen cool even after frying a variety of items. It is possible to cook vegetable and meat in it; however if you do not like the deep fried food, it’s not the right product for you.