July 21, 2024


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Blazers! Latest in Fashion Epitome of Casual Dressing

Voga Closet Discount on Blazers Formal & Informal Varieties

In past, blazers were the part of formal type of dressing. Nowadays, the whole scenario is changed and blazers have obtained a new dimension. These days, there are trendy blazers which are part of informal dressing. Women prefer this casual yet attractive kind of dressing in different fabrics, cuts, prints and colors. Choose Voga closet discount and get an opportunity to pick blazers of your choice on economical price. 

Categories of Stylish Blazers

  • Buttoned or Single Breasted Blazer

Single breasted blazer contains one button in order to join the sides. It is perfect style for various occasions. Pick informal styles and fabrics to carry this blazer on routine basis. 

  • Buttoned Double Breasted Blazer

It is one of the formal types of outfits that contain excessive fabric to cover the shirt. The double button blazer is so popular that women often overlook the single button style. 

  • Peplum Blazer

It is fancy kind of blazer that carries captivating cuts. In fact, the trendy cuts have made this style irresistible. It is formal as well as modish that appears perfect with pencil pants and formal skirts. 

  • Waterfall Blazer

The style of waterfall blazer is similar to a shrug; however, it has become popular like hot cakes. Whether you need a work look, power dressing or officewear, waterfall blazer is there to give the seamless appearance. Avail voga closet discount to find your favorite style and order the blazer within your budget.

Ways to Carry a Blazer

  1. Button Down Shirt with Blazer

In past, choosing a blazer for work meant to pick a matching suit. These days, the trend is a bit changed. Now, you do not need to carry a matching suit. Button down white shirt, pencil skirt and single breasted brown checkered blazer give a well-groomed appearance.

  1. Blazer Dress

A draped short blazer with red pumps is the most appealing style. If you are eager to flaunt the legs, choose skinny jeans with a blazer. Pick white plain shirt and casual blazer to get a notch higher appearance. 

  1. Blazer & Turtle Neck T-Shirt

Do you want to get effortlessly stylish look, wear turtleneck t-shirt with your favorite blazer. In order to get flawless appearance, do not forget to wear converse shoes. 

  1. Sequin Blazer

Sequin blazer in crop top design with printed pants is enough to attain totally new party look.  Pick a blazer having sequin bordering and tank top sequin to get striking look. It is suggested to wear wedges and elegant sling bag with this dressing. If sequin blazer is in pink color, make the whole world your landing strip by wearing jeans and white shirt with it. 

  1. Match the Set with Blazer

Are you getting fed up of one piece short or long part dresses? Consider the matching clothing lines in form of white waterfall blazer with ankle length well fitted pants. Chambray blazer is your choice if you value the finish. Pick skirt, shorts or even denim to rock.

The voga closet discount is offered to order the epitome of dressing on discount rate. Consider checkered, blue, black or gray blazer to get creative and versatile look.